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About Me

Much of my personal imagery comes from living in a city where there are people from (almost) everywhere; that forms an automatic pathway to the new. My ideas about color were influenced by old animation I saw as a student. 

My illustration work is mainly collage-based: I cut and color rice and other papers and then use gouache to paint on top of the dried paper. In the last years my work has changed two-fold.

The first is more dimensional or bas-relief. The size and imagery can vary depending on its use. If the piece is large, it becomes a “portable mural”, one that can be carried on the subway. I try to re-use everything from aluminum foil and beyond although substantial amounts of glue and gouache may be consumed.

The second is renewing old furniture that is reasonably sound in construction. I paint the piece in a less traditional way, sometimes adding small objects. This can change its original purpose and extending its durability.

With both my approach is the same as with illustration: I present sketches and the client decides what they want. When I am at the stage of adding color and texture, this is when the piece comes to life.

To see a list of clients, exhibits, and awards, click here.

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